Facebook Retargeting Campaigns: Improving Your Sales

Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

Do you want to increase conversions with your Facebook ads? Wondering how to get better results with your Facebook ad retargeting?

This article shows you how to sell more with Facebook retargeting campaigns.

#1: Decide how much you want to spend budget for Facebook retargeting ads

The basis of Facebook redirects ads is to redirect any prospects or potential buyers with your offer. Typically, you’ll want to spend 5-10% of your Facebook ad budget on retargeting ads. While it’s not a big part of your budget, it often translates to 80% of sales and results.

#2: Identify Where You Want People to Take Action in Your Buyer Journey

You can improve your retargeting by attaching a specific ad at each point in the customer journey where you want employees to take action.

Start by outlining your customer journey, then look at each point where you want the potential customer to do something.

Let’s use a webinar funnel as an example. This customer journey can start with a video or content that you want users to consume. After that, the next thing you’ll want to do is sign up for your webinar so you can run sign-up ads.

Once a potential customer signs up for your webinar, you want them to see it. This allows you to re-target your ads to anyone who has signed up for your webinar but hasn’t seen it yet. The announcement must be sent back to the webinar. You can even say that you know they signed up for the webinar but haven’t seen it yet.

Once you know that someone has seen your webinar, you want them to buy the offer you sent on that webinar. This is where testimonial ads, video ads, and case study ads (as in the example below) can be effective.

FB retargeting ad case study

These ads must specifically meet the objections that you know your target audience has. Examples of these objections could be:

  • Will this work for me?
  • Is this investment worth it?
  • How do I pay for that?
  • Do I get results?

You want to include the pains and worries of your target audience in your retargeted ads.

During the customer journey, some people land on your sales page. They can even go to your shopping cart or checkout page. They are undecided about the purchase but have not finished shopping yet. This is an opportunity to place an ad to get people to come back to this page.

These ads are inexpensive to run because they are a very hyper-targeted target audience. They already paid or did the work to get them that far on the customer journey. Now you want to spend a bit of your budget to close that loop and hopefully let them buy your listing.

Your target audience is already warm. You already trust your brand and have consumed part of your content. If you can now speak to your audience based on where they are in the customer journey, you can push them over the fence and get them to act.

#3: Set Up Facebook Retargeting Ads

If you have any kind of traffic going to a webinar, viewing your content, or even landing on a sales page, you have an audience to target right now. Every day that you haven’t set up retarget ads, you leave money on the table.

Set up a Facebook redirect ad like any other ad in Ad Manager. The only difference is that in the Audiences section you choose your custom audiences. If you want to learn how to set up different types of custom audiences, check out this article on how to create custom audiences that convert.

For example, let’s say you’ve set up your audiences, you have a bid that you’re sending people to, and you’ve selected the “Conversions” campaign goal. Let’s take a look at how to find these audiences.

At the ad set level, you have the option of choosing a custom audience that you have created. Click the Search Existing Audiences box to see a list of the custom audiences that you have already created. Select the audience you want to realign.

For example, I will select the audience for the Evergreen TY 180 Days webinar, which is made up of people who have reached my thank you page in the last 180 days.

facebook retargeting audience step 1

Next, exclude all relevant audiences from your targeting. In this case, I want to exclude buyers so I can choose a custom audience of people who landed on Buy Pixel in the last 180 days.

facebook retargeting audience step 2

I now have an audience of people who have signed up for my webinar but haven’t purchased my offer yet, and I can send them any ad I want.

Once you’ve defined the audience you want to target, complete your campaign setup. Some retargeting ads that may be relevant to your business include testimonial ads, case study ads, sales card ads for abandoned carts, or ads for abandoned apps or call bookings, anywhere your prospects or customers have landed. and the action you wanted was not completed.


Facebook retargeting ads are some of the best for ROI, but you have to get it right. Start by mapping your customer journey and identifying each stage you want your audience to act on. Then set up retargeting ads for tailored audiences of people who viewed your content, landed on your sales page, viewed your webinar, and more.

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